Teletype ASR 33

I just picked up a Teletype ASR 33 from a location in southern Sweden. The machine was last used at the Medicintekniska sektionen in Lunds sjukvårdsdistrikt. It’s inventory number was 220 137. This is a model 3320 3WA and the serial number is 044913, code UK819DSK and the Teletype is equipped with a 50Hz motor from the factory.

After cleaning and lubricating the paper punch and the reader both are now back in working order.

The next problem was the carriage that would not move (step forward one character at the time) due to completely stuck carriage movement mechanism. Instead of disassembling the complete mechanism, risking breaking or misplacing any of the small springs, I used isopropyl alcohol to clean the parts. I used tiny dental brushes that you can pick up at your local pharmacy.

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