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New parts for my Teletype ASR 33

My Teletype ASR 33 has a faceplate with a hole for a switch that is missing (I have kept the remote power-on relay installed for future use). Also, the nameplate was missing as well as one of the springs that hold the cover lid down.

I contacted Paul of RTTY Parts in EL SOBRANTE, California ( and Paul had the parts I needed:

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Fixing the print hammer head on my Teletype ASR 33

The print hammer rubber cap on my Teletype ASR 33 had some cavities in it when I got it but apart from that, it was in good shape and had not become soft. I purchased a tube of LiquiSole, a rubber like compound which I used to fill the cavities in the rubber cap with and left to harden for 24 hours. I then put on another layer to make the hammer head cap nice and even. After hardening for 48 hours I tested the system which now prints even and clear characters.

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Testing the Teletype ASR 33

Time to test the ASR 33! With the paper tape punch engaged I typed the following string:


Put the tape in the reader and switched the reader lever to run:



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Fixing the paper tape reader on my Teletype ASR 33

The paper tape punch worked fine when I got the Teletype ASR 33 but the tape reader would not advance the paper tape. The tape is advanced by a feed solenoid in the reader unit and it get’s it power from the reader power supply board which had a hair crack in one of the foil traces.

Teletype ASR 33 reader power supply broken foil

Well, that was easily fixed by putting a drop of super glue between the connector pin foil and the board and then soldering a piece of large gauge wire over the broken path.

Teletype ASR 33 reader power supply broken foil repaired

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Line Feed not working

The Line Feed did not work on my newly acquired Teletype ASR 33. After having spent several hours trying to figure out how to decode and set the codebar so that the Line Feed function would engage, I subscribed to the GreenKeys Teletype mailing list and asked if any of the members could assist. It did not take long before member Larry responded and told me about the little piece of plastic that needed to sit on the Line Feed Drive Link in order for the Line Feed to work.

ASR 33 Paper Feed Mechanism

I fabricated the black piece of rubber with the crosshatch pattern seen in the picture below from a rubber sole.

Teletype ASR 33 Line Feed

Thanks a million Larry! Without your help I would never have been able to fix the Line Feed!


Cleaning and lubricating my Teletype ASR 33

Since the ASR 33 had been sitting in Tom’s basement for a few years I disassembled, cleaned and lubricated the Teletype before doing any testing.


Below is a syringe I used to put very small drops of oil at the designated lubrication points. The syringe is made from plastic and I made the tip a lot smaller the following way:

  1. Put a screw into it’s to large tip.
  2. Held the screw by my finger tips.
  3. Carefully heated the tip using a gas fired, portable soldering iron with the torch tip attached and let the syringe slowly descend downwards and thereby stretching the tip making it much smaller.

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Picking up a Teletype ASR 33 in Norway

On the way to Drammen in Norway

Today I picked up a new (well, not really since Teletype Corporation stopped making the Teletype ASR 33 in 1981) Teletype ASR 33 from Tom in Drammen, Norway. Tom needed the space and I needed a Teletype ASR 33. The drive from Upplands Väsby in Sweden is 554 km one way. I left 09:00 and was back at 23:00 after the 1100 km drive.



Solbergmoen, Norway

Solbergmoen, Norway




Tom and the Teletype ASR 33

Tom and the Teletype ASR 33

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Teletype ASR 33

I just picked up a Teletype ASR 33 from a location in southern Sweden. The machine was last used at the Medicintekniska sektionen in Lunds sjukvårdsdistrikt. It’s inventory number was 220 137. This is a model 3320 3WA and the serial number is 044913, code UK819DSK and the Teletype is equipped with a 50Hz motor from the factory.

After cleaning and lubricating the paper punch and the reader both are now back in working order.

The next problem was the carriage that would not move (step forward one character at the time) due to completely stuck carriage movement mechanism. Instead of disassembling the complete mechanism, risking breaking or misplacing any of the small springs, I used isopropyl alcohol to clean the parts. I used tiny dental brushes that you can pick up at your local pharmacy.

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