Fixing the paper tape reader on my Teletype ASR 33

The paper tape punch worked fine when I got the Teletype ASR 33 but the tape reader would not advance the paper tape. The tape is advanced by a feed solenoid in the reader unit and it get’s it power from the reader power supply board which had a hair crack in one of the foil traces.

Teletype ASR 33 reader power supply broken foil

Well, that was easily fixed by putting a drop of super glue between the connector pin foil and the board and then soldering a piece of large gauge wire over the broken path.

Teletype ASR 33 reader power supply broken foil repaired

  1. #1 by douglas jones on Wednesday 10 September, 2014 - 16:32

    I am repairing a 1960s vintage Teletype 33 ASR, and the reader power supply was missing. I found one on eBay, and curiously, when it was delivered, I found that exactly the same circuit board trace was damaged — but on my board, almost the entire circuit trace was missing. The repair will be the same, but with longer wire.

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