Moving the Data General Nova 3/12 from Uppsala to my storage facility

Data General Nova 3/12

Data General Nova 3/12

Today I took the commuter train from home to the city of Uppsala. At the Uppsala train station I was picked up by Karl-Magnus Pettersson who has a Nova 3/12 that has been sitting in his garage since 1995. In addition to the dual cabinet with the Nova 3/12 CPU that also has an expansion chassis, was Karl-Magnus documentation of his software written in Fortran 77, 17 (yes, seventeen!) 5 Mb Disc Cartridges, some spare boards and an extender board! Great! Although there is a way of moving the CPU board to the top slot and wire wrapping a couple of wires from slot one to slot 12 to be able to troubleshoot the CPU board, having an extender board makes troubleshooting any board a lot easier. And getting an extender board is like striking gold!

After loading the system onto the trailer we drove to my place where the Nova 3/12 now is in my storage room.

Thank you very much Karl-Magnus.

Getting close to Uppsala Train StationFrom the train window getting close to Uppsala Train Station17 5 Mb Disk Cartridges One amber D410 with keyboardKarl-Magnus home in UppsalaKarl-Magnus himselfThe Nova 3/12 loaded onto trailer     The Nova 3/12 and boxes loaded onto trailer

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  1. #1 by Steve on Wednesday 5 June, 2013 - 09:28

    Congratulations Tommie – is that a high speed paper tape reader on top? I wouldn’t want the power bill though 😮

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