My Data General MV/4000 DC is up and running AOS/VS

Having the MV/3200 made it possible to see what systems were generated and available in the :SYSGEN directory.

Listing the generated systems







A starter system was present named SYS.PR and starting the Technical Maintenance software on the MV/4000 allowed me to start AOS/VS using the option “Run a specified program” and selecting “:SYSGEN:SYS.PR” and hey presto, my MV/4000 started AOS/VS!


Technical Maintenance Menu on the MV/4000







Using SED (I know, VSGEN is interactive so I can list, view, add and delete devices but SED makes it easier to get a complete overview and you can edit the .CSF file directly) I checked the configuration file (.CSF) for the default startup system; AOSVS_7.65.PR, that came with the MV/4000. It turns out this system is generated with the IAC-16 starting at line 0 which is CON0 or the operators console and this was the reason I was not able to use CLI when I first started the MV/4000. Since I don’t have the two cables to connect the Terminal Connection Box to the back of the MV/4000, I need to use the asynchronous port on the Multi-Function I/O Controller board for my CON0. Running “XEQ VSGEN/DEFAULT=MV4000DC_IAC” I get the IAC and disks preset and just needed to change the starting line of the IAC to 2 and the number of lines to “0 – 15”.

Editing the MV4000DC_IAC configuration file

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  1. #1 by Tom Steele on Tuesday 12 March, 2013 - 10:36

    That’s great Tommie! Good to see that the MV32 is also helping with other members of your collection!

    • #2 by Tommie on Tuesday 12 March, 2013 - 19:45

      Thanks Tom. As soon as I get the de-soldering pump I ordered from China I will replace the time & date circuit with the flat battery. It looks like someone replaced it previously but this time I will place it in a socket for easy replacement in about 10 years from now.

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