Picking up one MV/4000DC and one AViiON/200

Three weeks ago I picked up an MV/4000DC and an AViiON/200 graphics workstation from Mikael Bengtson who rescued these computers from Tidningsstatistik 15 years ago. The systems are running DG/UX, Data General’s version of UNIX and I also got DG/UX manuals as well as the software on tape and 5.25″ floppy disks.


The MV/4000 filter needed to be replaced and the wheels need to be changed. I have replaced the filter but not the wheels.

I have tested to fire up both systems. The AViiON begins booting but halts with a number of beeps. The DS/4000’s 300VNR power supply produces 300 VDC on its output but that’s about it. The DS/4000 will not start, not even the fans are running so there is a Power Supply issue. Could be one of the parts but I have pulled out all the boards as well as disconnected the disks, the floppy and the fans but still no luck. Since I have no manuals, I have no idea what is wrong.

More pictures of my MV/4000DC:



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