Teletype ASR 33

Teletype Corporation’s Model 33 terminal, introduced in 1963, is one of the most popular terminal in the data-communications industry. Over a half-million Model 32’s and 33’s were made by 1975, and the 500,000th was plated with gold and placed on special exhibit[4]. Another 100,000 were made in the next 18 months, so that No. 600,000 was painted red-white-and-blue and shown around the country during the last part of, and the year after, the Bi-Centennial year.

A Model 33 cost about $700, much less than other teleprinters and computer terminals at the time, such as the Frieden Flexowriter and the IBM 1050. Early video terminals such as the Tektronix 4010 did not become available until 1970 and cost around $10 000. However the introduction of integrated circuits and semiconductor memory later that decade allowed the price of CRT-based terminals to fall below the price of a Teletype. Teletype machines were gradually replaced in new installations by dot-matrix printers and CRT-based terminals in the mid to late 1970s. Basic CRT-based terminals which could only print lines and scroll them are often called glass teletypes to distinguish them from more sophisticated devices.

Teletype Corporation discontinued Model 33 production in 1981.

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